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Farm murders prioritised

April 1, 2016 deur Jaen

It was announced at a joint media conference held by AfriForum and Lt. Gen. Khomotso Phahlane, the acting National Police Commissioner, that farm murders will be officially prioritised.

AfriForum has been driving a campaign since 2012 to have farm murders prioritised. Although the organisation is of the opinion that the problem has not been resolved completely, it sees the announcement as a giant leap in the right direction.

These are the most important milestones in the campaign to have farm murders prioritised:


25 May

Wreath-laying at and memorandum to the office of Mr. Nathi Mthethwa, then Minister of Police. In total, 1 445 roses were laid down.

19 June

AfriForum holds a “Stap teen geweld” (walk against violence) march to the Union Buildings in cooperation with Bobby and Karlien van Jaarveld. A memorandum is handed to President Zuma’s representative.

4 October

AfriForum writes a letter to President Zuma in which the reality of farm murders is highlighted.

30 November

Memorandums are delivered to 100 police stations across South Africa. These memorandums demand stronger actions against farm murders.

1 December

A protest march to the Minister’s office.


8 January

AfriForum lays a complaint against the Minister of Police with the Public Protector.

17 January

The letters of hundreds of farm attack victims are delivered to the Minister of Police.

20 February

AfriForum intensifies its farm murder campaign.

20 March

AfriForum takes up farm attacks with the South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) after the organisation was approached by various victims and their families.

30 Mei

AfriForum and victims request SAHRC trial on farm attacks.

18 June

AfriForum exposes police negligence in farm attacks at conference.

11 July

The “Stop die moorde” (stop the murders) campaign launched.

27 June

AfriForum follows double strategy against farm murders.

12 August

AfriForum confirms again that farm murders cannot be curbed with normal legal processes and that only a focused anti-strategy will sustainably resolve the crisis.

28 August

Farm murder wreath-laying

11 September

AfriForum and victims of farm attacks take farm murder petition to the United Nations (UN).

18 September    AfriForum starts protecting communities by way of neighbourhood watches and radio systems.

3 October

AfriForum launches the “Hoe lank nog?” (how long still?) campaign. It delivers 10 000 emails to the Minister of Police.

26 September

Five victims of farm attacks ride 1 000 km with quadbikes to raise awareness for farm murders.

4 November

The “Hoe lank nog?” (how long still?) song is released in support of the farm murder campaign.

26 November

AfriForum at the UN in Geneva about minority rights.


23 May

AfriForum at the UN’s Forum for Minority Issues.

23 June

AfriForum launches national farm attack study.

26 June

International Day in Support of Victims: AfriForum enlists the support of the International Council against Torture (CAT) in its fight against farm murders.

3 July

Die SAHRC investigates safety and human rights on farms.

27 August

AfriForum releases information document to raise awareness in communities about farm murders.

10 September

AfriForum participates in the international protest march against farm murders.


15 January

Statistics on farm attacks and murders in 2014 released.

2 February

AfriForum visits the farmers’ market with farm murders issues to market the film Treurgrond.

21 March

AfriForum holds a meeting with Mr Senzeni Zokwana, Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, during which steps are discussed to ensure the safety of farmers.

16 May

Treurgrond, a movie that portrays the reality of farm murders, is released. AfriForum is the sponsor.

3 July

AfriForum visits Perth, Australia, to raise awareness for farm attacks in South Africa.

4 August

AfriForum submits a memorandum for the prioritisation of farm murders at the office of the Minister of Police in Pretoria, where a fight brakes out between AfriForum members and the Police.

5 October

AfriForum requests the Police to release their statistics on farm attacks.

2 November

AfriForum requests President Zuma to enter into conversations with victims of farm attacks.


AfriForum declares November 2015 as national month of protest against farm murders.

25 November

AfriForum chastises the South African Government at the UN.

1 December

AfriForum intensifies its campaign to create international awareness for farm murders. Memorandums are delivered to 15 embassies, which request these countries to pressurise the South African Government to prioritise farm murders.


10 February

AfriForum releases the farm murder and attack figures for 2015, which indicate that 2015 saw the most farm attacks in 15 years.

26 February

AfriForum triumphs in the High Court: the Police must present their farm murder statistics.