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Stop Discovery racism

November 19, 2018 deur Admin

AfriForum and Solidarity met with Adrian Gore, CEO of Discovery, on Monday 26 November after Discovery recently announced that its new initiative, Discovery Bank, will discriminate against minorities based on race.

During the meeting Gore indicated that Discovery will continue with this initiative that will exclusively grant black depositors a 10% share in the company. Discovery refused to undertake to not discriminate further against white people.

AfriForum respects everyone’s personal choice when deciding which company they want to conduct business with. At this stage AfriForum recommends that people who are offended by Discovery’s racism reconsider their connection with them.

Discovery’s attempt to argue that they are forced by law to exclude white people from this share scheme, is incorrect. This is clearly an attempt to equivocate their own accountability for this discriminating share scheme.

AfriForum is still of the opinion that this business plan is unashamedly racist.

AfriForum comprises more than 215 000 members, and a significant number of these members conduct business with Discovery. We cannot let racial exclusion become the norm. This is why AfriForum declared a dispute with Discovery


This letter will be send to discovery.

Herewith I support AfriForum’s dispute against Discovery’s racism by adding my name to the dispute.

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If you are, like AfriForum, offended by Discovery’s actions, we request you to do the following:

  1. Contact Discovery to place your shock and disappointment with their racist actions on record.
  2. If you terminated your business with Discovery, make sure that they know it is because you were offended by their actions. Contact them via email (AskTheCFO@discovery.co.za or compliance@discovery.co.za), at (011) 529 2888 or via Facebook (www.facebook.com/discoverysouthafrica/) or Twitter (@Discovery_SA) by using #DiscoveryBank or #Discovery.