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Say no to fracking!

October 20, 2017 deur Admin

Fracking refers to the process of breaking rock with a fluid under high pressure to release natural gas from shale rock layers deep in the earth’s crust.

Millions of litres of water are used to form one hole, and thousands of holes can be drilled and explored – with disastrous consequences for the environment. It is especially worrisome if South Africa’s water shortage is taken into consideration.

Fracking is considered in the following areas: the Free State, KwaZulu-Natal and the Karoo.

Dangers of fracking include:

  • It threatens the environmental and causes detrimental health effects;
  • It destroys natural resources beyond repair;
  • It causes the extinction of ecosystems;
  • It threatens property values;
  • It damages infrastructure;
  • It pollutes scarce water resources and groundwater in the Karoo;
  • It causes severe air pollution;
  • It is a danger to the lives of people and animals;
  • It adds to global warming;
  • It impacts astronomy;
  • It leaves permanently scars on South African landscapes and our cultural heritage; and
  • It threatens our constitutional rights.

There are other sustainable energy solutions that can be utilised to man and nature’s benefit. For this reason, AfriForum is launching a petition against this dangerous and economically unsure technology.

AfriForum, the TKAG and other NGOs are lodging appeals against Government’s decision to give international oil and gas companies environmental authorisation. This means that the first phase towards actual fracking in South Africa will be finalised if you do not lodge an appeal against this irrational decision.

You can help. Add your name to the court case and help AfriForum save the Karoo.