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Repairing Dr Ferdi Hartzenberg Road in Lichtenburg

May 15, 2019 deur Mareli Rall

Affected road: Dr Ferdi Hartzenberg Road which becomes Dr Beyers Naudé Drive from the Total fuel station.

A section of Dr Ferdi Hartzenberg Road – from the Zeerust T-junction past the SPCA and the industrial area up to the four-way stop near the local traffic offices – is in dire need of repairs. This road is negatively affecting the residents of Retiefs Park and surrounding areas, including the Hoërskool Lichtenburg, the SPCA, the veterinarian hospital and the CVO School Lichtenburg, due to the dust and noise created by the trucks driving on the dilapidated road. Trucking companies in Lichtenburg are regularly levelling the road with gravel to consequently make it more drivable. This is however creating a tremendous amount of dust in the area which subsequently leads to health-related issues such as irritation of the eyes, coughing, sneezing, hay fever and asthma attacks. Residents in the area are also unable to open their doors and windows due to the dust, while children can’t even play outside as a result of the dust pollution.

Affected areas: Retiefs Park Ext. 3 (Abrina), Retiefs Park, Hoërskool Lichtenburg, CVO School Lichtenburg, the SPCA and the veterinarian hospital.

Help AfriForum to repair this road by adding your name to the petition that will be submitted to the Ditsobotla Local Municipality, thereby ensuring that funds are allocated towards solving this problem.