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Project Nehemiah

June 6, 2017 deur Admin
  • What is Project Nehemiah?

Project Nehemiah is a project with the purpose of ensuring the safety, peace, prosperity and self-preservation of defenceless people and minority groups in South Africa by actively contributing to the effective fight against violent crime. Together with this the project integrates different communities and safety structures to fight violent crimes together and thus put more pressure on the government to act against crime.

  • Origin of Project Nehemiah:

It was decided that the government and other state organs (such as the police) cannot provide sufficient protection against crime to our people – the recent Coligny tragedy is a good example of this. With Roland de Vries’s involvement with AfriForum from October 2016, together with Ian Cameron, it was decided to develop a community strategy for the community in the fight against violent crime. It was then decided that the project would be named Nehemiah, as it is absolutely fitting. Nehemiah from the Bible had the walls of Jerusalem rebuilt with the purpose of creating hope and trust. This is what is now intended with the battle against violent crime.

  • Who is Project Nehemiah?

The centre of the project is the community. AfriForum thus fills the coordinating function between different communities and structures.

  • Where is Project Nehemiah executed?

Project Nehemiah’s test phase will be launched in Bloemfontein, from where it will then be expanded to all communities in South Africa. It is the creation and application of an integrated capability to effectively fight violent crime, which will consist of full-time, part-time and volunteer components.

  • What is the aim of Project Nehemiah?

Project Nehemiah is based on the following four objectives:

  • Objective 1: To create an integrated operational capability that effectively contributes to the fight against violent crime in South Africa.
  • Objective 2: To bring about a national community safety system (NCSS) in accordance with community policing legislation that will strategically guide and support the effective fight against violent crime.
  • Objective 3: To create and ensure national awareness against violent crime firstly through getting greater, more positive, active community involvement; and secondly by promoting the government and state departments such as the police’s active response in the fight against crime, poverty and unemployment.
  • Objective 4: To gain national and international support for a more effective fight against violent crime in South Africa through private institutions and to motivate the government toward better governance and fighting violent crime.

It is also intended that national awareness creation and goal-oriented cooperation of communities against violent crime will exercise a mighty influence on the government to actively act against violent crime. It must have the supplementary result to encourage the government toward more effective governance and to ensure the interests and safety of minority groups in a visible and measurable manner. This means the integration of efforts of all interested groups and the community against country-wide violent crime, supported by community policing legislation.

  • How can I become involved?

Send an SMS with “Buurtwag” to 45353 (R1) to join.

Send an email to veiligheid@afriforum.co.za to become involved with your local neighbourhood watch.

Keep an eye on AfriForum’s social media for the latest news.


Also join our “AfriForum Veiligheid” Facebook group.