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November 2, 2016 deur afriministrator

This page wants to help you as parent of teacher in problem situations in and around your school or to address educational issues.

How to go about:

  1. Read through “Frequent issues” and see if your complaint is already addressed there. If so, contact the person indicated there.
  2. If not, leave a detailed message in the block at the bottom of the page with all the relevant contact details of the affected parties. We will reply to your message as soon as possible to provide you with the required help or advice.
  3. Kindly remember that we can unfortunately not deal with individual cases – only cases that involves the whole school or community.


AfriForum Education
Carien Bloem



MB Consultants:
Melanie Buys

Helping Hand: 
Hannie Viljoen

Dinah Theron



AfriForum Youth
Morné Mostert

De Goede Hoop university hostel
Janli Sonntag

AfriForum Trauma Unit
Antoinette Steyn


Frequent issues:

  1. Personal problems between parents and the school
    Contact the school’s governing body for guidance
  2. Learners with disabilities
    Direct enquiry to AfriForum Trauma Unit (Antoinette Steyn)
  3. Racism and threats against learners and teachers
    Contact FEDSAS or parent governing body
    Threats against staff: SAOU
  4. Bullies and victimisation
    Contact AfriForum Trauma Unit (Antoinette Steyn)
  5. Changed dates i.r.o. school holidays being given through by the Department erroneously or not at all
    Contact FEDSAS of die SAOU
  6. Study enquiries or financial problems affecting study
    Contact Akademia or Helping Hand (Hannie Viljoen or Dinah Theron)
  7. Enquiries about anti-rape and self-defence training sessions
    Contact AfriForum Trauma Unit (Antoinette Steyn)
  8. Dishonesty i.r.o. marks
    Contact FEDSAS
  9. Suspicious failure rates
    Contact FEDSAS
  10. Book donations
    Contact AfriForum Education (Carien Bloem)
  11. Online registration problems
    Contact FEDSAS
  12. Children who suffer from attention deficit disorder
    Contact AfriForum Trauma Unit (Antoinette Steyn)
  13. Harassment
    Contact AfriForum Trauma Unit (Antoinette Steyn)
  14. Schools with financial problems
    Contact Helping Hand (Hannie Viljoen)
  15. Governing body issues
    Contact FEDSAS of MB Consultants (Melanie Buys)
  16. Enquiries about school funds
    Contact FEDSAS of MB Consultants (Melanie Buys)
  17. Financial sponsorships to learners
    Contact Helping Hand (Hannie Viljoen or Dinah Theron) or Akademia
  18. Sponsorships of school sports teams, tour groups and so forth
    Unfortunately not granted
  19. University enquiries
    AfriForum Youth (Morné Mostert)
  20. Mother-tongue education:
    AfriForum Education (Carien Bloem)
  21. Dink of Sink:
    AfriForum Education (Carien Bloem)
  22. Problems with discipline in schools
    AfriForum Onderwys (Carien Bloem)
  23. Private training as teacher
    Contact AROS
  24. Private tertiary education
    Contact Akademia
  25. Accommodation for tertiary students in Pretoria
    Contact De Goede Hoop (Janli Sonntag)


If your enquiry or complaint does not relate to any of the above issues, or if the above did not help you, you are still welcome to leave a message in the block below. We will respond to your message as soon as possible.

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