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National Study On Farm Murders

June 23, 2014 deur afriministrator

AfriForum is currently undertaking a national research project with a focus on farm attacks. The subject is investigated in depth and includes various angels of incidence in order to address the expansive nature and consequences of farm attacks. It is such a complex phenomenon that is difficult to focus on only one aspect, and it is important to keep in mind that many variables exist.

The following topics are included in the study:

  • the efficiency of certain security measures;
  • the compilation of different statistics pertaining to farm attacks;
  • the cost implications of a farm murder/farm;attack;
  • the psychological impact of a farm murder/farm attack on victims;
  • the impact of a farm attack on farm workers;
  • the efficiency of police investigations with regard to farm murders; and
  • the possible impact of hate speech and political instigation on farm murders/farm attacks.

Direct victims of farm attacks and South Africans whose loved ones have been murdered on farms are approached for the study. A comprehensive questionnaire will be completed together with the victims to ensure that the data collected is correct, valid and credible to be included in the findings.

Interviews will be conducted with the workers who have been present during the attacks and/or have been victims themselves. The impact of a farm attack on workers, where their employer has been murdered, will also be investigated. The traumatic experience of an attack is not limited to the direct family members only, but extends to the workers whose safety on the property is threatened.

AfriForum is already in the process to obtain admission to talk to convicted farm murderers. We hope to find clarity on the motives for the attacks, as well as how specific farms were chosen as targets.

The study includes interviews with experts and stakeholders, among others, agricultural unions, community watches and private security companies.

Our aim is to conduct a comprehensive investigative study on farm murders/farm attacks in order for the findings to be used by state departments, role players, non-profit organisations, students and all interested parties to create structures to support farm attacks victims and to protect farm and small holding owners.

AfriForum encourages South Africans with information pertaining farm attacks and/or who have been direct victims to participate in the study. Contact Lorraine Claassen at or or complete the form below.


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