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Mogale City accounts – your frustration?

June 8, 2016 deur afriministrator

The civil rights organisation AfriForum’s Krugersdorp branch recently received numerous calls and complaints about inaccurate/incorrect water and electricity accounts issued by the Mogale City Municipality. In light of the article Ratepayers to confront municipality in the Krugersdorp Nuus, AfriForum’s Krugersdorp branch started a petition to see how many people experience the same problem and to determine how the branch can support these people. Accounts are no longer received via mail, and clients must now react to SMS or use the internet to obtain account information – which seems to sometimes contain inaccurate or outdated information.

  1. The majority of clients pay accounts as far as their finances allow, but some accounts seems to be completely exorbitant. The Municipality then sends out reminders to clients. If the account isn’t paid, the power is cut, which leads to reconnection fee if the power is to be reconnected. Clients therefor struggle with cash flow problems while the account is being corrected by Mogale City (in cases where the account is indeed exorbitant).
  2. Other clients experience the frustration of accounts that have been paid, but payments have not been allocated. This leads to a monthly reminder, which in turns leads to power interruptions because the client did not react soon enough – this means that clients should present the proof of payment to Mogale City as soon as possible. If the power is indeed cut, a reconnection fee is again applicable. This fee is never reversed even if it can be proven that Mogale City made the mistake.
  3. Reconnection fees – although some clients may sort out problem 1 and 2 above (namely that the account has been charged correctly and payment has been allocated correctly), their reconnection fees are not reversed. These are cases where the account was charged incorrectly as a result of exorbitant charges or unallocated payments.

If you experience these frustrations, we invite you to support our petition and gives us the mandate to fight for your civil rights.

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