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AfriForum cleans up cemetery in do-it-yourself week

by in Local government statements on 06 July, 2015

The cemetery in Phalaborwa is safe and shipshape again. This, after the AfriForum branch in the town cleaned up the cemetery as part of the organisation’s Do-it-yourself Week.

AfriForum will continue to fight for the rights of child victims

by in Media Statements Uncategorised on 06 July, 2015

AfriForum reacted to an article in Rapport by once again offering their help to two children who were victims of rape. In one case a four old boy’s rapist couldn’t be sentenced due to the lack of an Afrikaans speaking probation officer to assess the child. In the other case a five year old girl was unable to testify against her alleged rapist for the third time in the same court due to the lack of an Afrikaans speaking mediator to facilitate the child’s testimony.

AfriForum’s ultimatum answered within 24 hours by Municipality

by in Local government statements on 06 July, 2015

Within 24 hours of receiving an ultimatum from the civil rights organisation AfriForum with regards to sewage dumping taking place in Bethlehem, the Dihlabeng Local Municipality not only replied to the correspondence, but the weeks long sewage dumping also came to a halt for the time being.

AfriForum heads to Perth, Australia to raise awareness on farm attacks in South Africa

by in Media Statements on 03 July, 2015

The civil rights organisation AfriForum has been granted an opportunity to inform the world about the atrocious crimes committed against farmers in South Africa. The invitation to present at the 15th International Symposium of the World Society of Victimology (WSV) will provide a platform to enlighten academics and leaders in the field of victimology and human rights advocates on this very unique crime phenomenon in South Africa.

On both sides of the Atlantic, fracking gets a thumbs-down

by in Environmental statements on 03 July, 2015

A megastate in the US and a small town council in the UK have reached the same conclusion about fracking. The refusal of a drilling permit for an exploration well in the town of Little Plumpton in Lancashire (UK) has been described by one of the councillors as “one of the biggest planning decisions ever” made by the council. Councillors voted 10-4 in favour of rejecting the application.