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For whom should Afrikaners vote?

by in Blog on 24 April, 2014

During the past few weeks AfriForum has received numerous questions on Facebook about the general election. A quick poll amongst our members showed that their views on the elections are as diverse as they are. AfriForum has a strict policy to stay out of party politics and to not form alliances with political parties. We do this because our members have differing opinions on party politics and because Afrikaners, probably as a result of the political upheaval of the early 1990s, still harbour a great deal of distrust towards politicians. An important element of the AfriForum recipe for success is precisely that the organisation focuses on civil rights and minority issues rather than party politics. This does not mean that AfriForum is an enemy of party politics and we work on keeping our relationships with all political parties healthy.

We will miss you, Prof Van Tonder – AfriForum

by in Environmental statements on 24 April, 2014

AfriForum has paid tribute to Prof Gerrit Johannes van Tonder (9 March 1953 – 22 April 2014), a specialist in ground water, who passed away in the Free State on Tuesday at the age of 61.

Are students free? AfriForum Youth Tuks asks on the eve of Freedom Day

by in Media Statements on 24 April, 2014

AfriForum Youth Tuks today launched a Freedom Campaign at the University of Pretoria by wearing signs hung around their necks challenging the Government on several aspects of freedom, as many young people feel that their freedom has been curbed.

Every year Freedom Day is celebrated on 27 April to commemorate the heroes who fought for a democratic South Africa. Freedom and democracy are inextricably interlinked. According to AfriForum Youth Tuks Freedom Day should be used as a yardstick to rectify mistakes that are still occurring in our 20 year old democracy.

AfriForum accredited as election observer

by in Media Statements on 24 April, 2014

AfriForum has just received confirmation from the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) that the organisation has been accredited to act as observer during the general elections scheduled for 7 May 2014.

AfriForum meets with Minister of Sport re quotas

by in Media Statements on 23 April, 2014

At a meeting today, AfriForum handed a memorandum to the Minister of Sport, Fikile Mbalula, outlining the objections of the civil rights organisation to racial quotas in sport. The Minister was also informed during the meeting that AfriForum is planning on submitting official complaints about the quota system to international sporting federations, as the system constitutes a violation of their prohibition on racial discrimination. The meeting took place in the Ministry in Pretoria at the invitation of the Minister.