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Huge mass patrol against crime

by in Safety statements on 04 August, 2015

AfriForum, Saam Staan Kimberley, 22 neighbourhood watches and the police held a mass patrol on Saturday evening from 18:00 to Sunday morning 06:00 in order to help combat crime in Kimberley.

Police confirm their own incompetence

by in Blog on 04 August, 2015

The scuffle outside the office of the Minister of Police during last week must be regarded as confirmation that AfriForum’s objections to the attitude of the police concerning farm murders have merit. Not only were my two colleagues (Ian Cameron, Head of Community Safety, and Marcus Pawson, Provincial Coordinator for Gauteng South) and I handled roughly by the police, but Bernadette Hall, whose husband had been murdered in front of her on their farm in 2012, was also pushed around by the police. We were furthermore threatened with arrest, apparently for “trespassing” because we attempted to deliver a memorandum to the reception desk at the police headquarters (a public building).

Court orders Inkwanca to pay back AfriForum’s money

by in Local government statements on 04 August, 2015

The Molteno Magistrate’s Court has ordered the Inkwanca Local Municipality to compensate AfriForum for services the organisation delivered to the community on their expense.

Eskom agreement will sink Thabazimbi Municipality

by in Media Statements on 03 August, 2015

AfriForum is of the opinion that the payoff-agreement between Eskom and the Thabazimbi Local Municipality will lead to the downfall of the Municipality. The civil rights organisation submitted their comments during a public participation process after Eskom recently announced that they might cut the Municipality’s electricity supply due to non-payment.

AfriForum says taxpayers deserve for Malema to be held accountable in court soon

by in Media Statements on 03 August, 2015

Civil rights initiative AfriForum – whose criminal charges of fraud brought against Julius Malema in 2012 resulted in Malema’s court appearance today – said that South African taxpayers are entitled to Malema being called to account in court for the theft of their tax money as soon as possible.