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AfriForum worried about drinking water and rivers in Emfuleni

by in Local government statements on 24 April, 2015

The drinking water and rivers in the Emfuleni Local Municipality are of great concern. This, after the AfriForum branches in Vanderbijlpark and Vereeniging tested the water of the Municipality as part of the civil rights organisation’s national Blue and Green Drop Project.

AfriForum: Government’s culture of blame claims increasing number of victims  

by in Media Statements on 23 April, 2015

With reference to two crucial current issues in South Africa, namely the tragic attacks against foreigners and the so-called statue debate, AfriForum has laid the blame for the growing intolerance towards minorities characterized by both issues squarely at the door of the ruling party, and more specifically, President Jacob Zuma.

Downtown Tavern probe a victory for AfriForum & Margate community

by in Local government statements on 23 April, 2015

Brigadier Morris Moodley, SAPS Cluster Commander in Margate, confirmed to AfriForum that they will investigate the complaint against the Downtown Tavern in Margate. The tavern is currently operating on a liquor license that was fraudulently obtained.

AfriForum ready to assist targeted Afrikaans schools

by in Media Statements on 22 April, 2015

The civil rights organisation AfriForum condemned a notice that was distributed yesterday (April 21 2015) listing the names of single-medium Afrikaans schools which, according to the Gauteng Department of Education, have to change to dual-medium schools. AfriForum wishes to bring it to the attention of the department that any change concerning the language policy of a school is by law the responsibility of the parent governing body, and that the department cannot decide about it.

AfriForum opposes several heritage resolutions

by in Media Statements on 22 April, 2015

AfriForum is attending the official announcement of the resolutions made on Friday during a meeting of stakeholders on heritage in South Africa. The resolutions have already been distributed electronically. In contrast to what this document portrays, AfriForum and other attendees on Friday opposed several of the resolutions. AfriForum says the process is now being steamrolled to implement the ANC’s own political and anti-Afrikaner agenda, instead of taking well-considered decisions in favour of the balanced portrayal of the country’s past.