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March 2, 2018 deur Admin

Petition to international investors and governments

AfriForum will circulate a petition to international investors and governments in which these will be requested to pressurise the South African government into abolishing its plan to expropriate property without compensation. This follows the motion that was recently adopted in Parliament in terms of which expropriation of land without compensation was approved in principle. A committee was also established that must report back to Parliament in August 2018 on how Article 25 of the Constitution – the right to own private property – must be amended to give effect to the motion.

If necessary, AfriForum will fight the motion in the council halls of the United Nations.

The more people sign the petition, the more weight it carries. Add your name to the petition and ask your friends and family to do so too. If you sign the petition, AfriForum will keep you updated on developments in this regard, including public hearings and other ways in which you can help to fight this motion.