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AfriForum neighbourhood watches and other safety structures helped to protect neighbourhoods during a strike action in Bloemfontein yesterday evening. The various structures were stationed at strategic points at entrances of neighbourhoods to prevent striking municipal workers from entering these areas.

“We were informed that striking workers torched the town hall. All the neighbourhood watches and other safety structures that work together with AfriForum under Project Nehemiah could immediately mobilise due to effective communication to ensure the safety of their neighbourhoods,” says Pieter Myburg, AfriForum’s Regional Coordinator for Bloemfontein.

Alleged striking workers also torched garbage in Langenhovenpark, but the neighbourhood watch in the area was alert and immediately extinguished the fire.

“We want to encourage people to join their neighbourhood watches to know what goes on at ground level and in so doing help protect their communities,” says Myburg.

SMS the word “Buurtwag” to 45266 (R1) to become involved.






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