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Blue and Green Drop Project

February 17, 2014 deur afriministrator

More than 500 000 people die annually worldwide as a result of untreated drinking water. It basically comes down to four children that die every 90 seconds. 21 babies were hospitalised last year in Bloemhof due to untreated drinking water, while three babies even died. 12 babies were also laid to rest in Sannieshof due to the same cause.

All of us are entitled to clean drinking water.

AfriForum believes that cases like these that occurred in Bloemhof could have been prevented had the Department of Water Affairs publicly announced its Blue and Green Drop Reports. The Department of Water Affairs absolutely refuses to make its reports available to the public, seeing as it will put both the department as well as certain municipalities in a bad light.

However, at AfriForum, we cannot take the risk of not monitoring the water quality of our people. In order to ensure the health of a town and its citizens, all of us need to be informed about the quality of our drinking water.

Is that not a good enough reason for all of us to stand together to test the quality of our water? It is possible through the help of AfriForum’s Blue and Green Drop Project. “The Blue Drop Project tests the quality of your town’s drinking water and the Green Drop Project tests the quality of the sewage water in your town,” said Julius Kleynhans, Head of Environmental Affairs at AfriForum.

The civil rights organisation tested the water quality in 107 towns during the course of last year, after which it occurred that the water of 11 towns wasn’t up to standard. By taking the correct steps, we could warn the communities in time, supply clean water to our people, take on municipalities and get the water of the towns that were affected up to standard within 24 hours. The health of more than 240 000 people was improved as a result of something as basic as timeous water quality monitoring.

In March we are focussing on the quality of our drinking water. There are certain towns that have already conducted tests. Your support can provide AfriForum with a mandate to prioritise your town.

AfriForum needs 500 people’s SMS’s to serve as a mandate to test the drinking water of their town as a priority. SMS thus your town’s name, followed by your name to 45344. R1/SMS

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