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Five reasons why AfriForum published the farm list

August 17, 2018 deur Ernst Roets

In the past week AfriForum published a list that is being circulated within the Department of Rural Development and Land Reform (DRDLR). The list includes 190 properties (there are 195 on the list, but five must be deducted from the … Continue reading

Critique on AfriForum based on prejudice and stereotyping

March 29, 2018 deur Natasha Venter

AfriForum is in favour of a robust public debate and respects the right of those who express critique against AfriForum and me. It is, however, a pity that some commentators such as Prince Mashele in his article “Malema and Kriel … Continue reading

The truth about apartheid, crimes against humanity and the use of the old flag

March 12, 2018 deur Ernst Roets

The Nelson Mandela Foundation (NMF) approached the Equality Court for an order declaring the “gratuitous display” of the old South African flag as hate speech and to have the flag banned. In a peculiar step, the NMF stated in their … Continue reading

Africa Check’s credibility crisis

December 12, 2017 deur Alet Rademeyer

To use inaccurate statistics in public can be catastrophic to a person or organisation’s credibility. Unfortunately, it is evident that everyone is not equally concerned about this. It is precisely for this reason that there is a real need in … Continue reading


October 26, 2017 deur Anita Erasmus

AfriForum has been driving a campaign since 2012 to have farm murders prioritised. Although the organisation is of the opinion that the problem has not been resolved completely, it sees the announcement as a giant leap in the right direction. … Continue reading