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Corruption will not swing election results

April 11, 2019 deur Admin

Dr Eugene Brink, Strategy Adviser for Community Affairs at AfriForum Few evils are as significant and serious in current South Africa as corruption. The irregular abuse of state resources is decapitating service delivery, enriching the wrong people and harming the … Continue reading

Zimbabwe and Venezuela’s disasters also started with land

March 27, 2019 deur Admin

Dr Eugene Brink, Strategic Advisor for Community Affairs at AfriForum An Afrikaans person recently said to me that he didn’t really care what happened to land, because it did not belong to him. Such statements are not only ignorant and … Continue reading

Bogus land claims are more than just irritants

February 25, 2019 deur Mareli Rall

Dr Eugene Brink, Strategic Advisor for Community Affairs at AfriForum Notwithstanding the need to achieve sensible land reform in South Africa – especially on distributing idle state land to people who are indeed able to farm and have the desire … Continue reading

Afrikaans as vocational language 1 – Afrikaans entrepreneurship

February 6, 2019 deur Admin

Afrikaans – Emigrant or Ambassador? by Charl Oberholzer The difference between an emigrant and an ambassador is that an emigrant is assimilated into the local population, often adapts his values to the status quo and tries to obtain permanent citizenship by … Continue reading

Expropriation without compensation: The NDR has failed

September 6, 2018 deur Anita Erasmus

Presentation to Constitutional Review Committee  6 September 2018  Ernst Roets   Fifteen years ago, the South African government accepted David Rakgase’s offer to buy the farm that he was renting from them. To this very day the South African government … Continue reading