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Africa Check’s credibility crisis

December 12, 2017 deur Alet Rademeyer

To use inaccurate statistics in public can be catastrophic to a person or organisation’s credibility. Unfortunately, it is evident that everyone is not equally concerned about this. It is precisely for this reason that there is a real need in … Continue reading


October 26, 2017 deur Anita Erasmus

AfriForum has been driving a campaign since 2012 to have farm murders prioritised. Although the organisation is of the opinion that the problem has not been resolved completely, it sees the announcement as a giant leap in the right direction. … Continue reading

Crossing the Rubicon of wealth tax and land reform: A nation at peril – By Charles Castle (AfriBussiness)

May 9, 2017 deur Admin

The recent announcement of a possible wealth tax to be investigated by the Davis Tax Committee, of which Judge Dennis Davis is the Chairperson, has come as a shock to the public, although expected by some economists. AfriBusiness is drafting … Continue reading

MK to send 600 ‘combat ready’ soldiers to defend Luthuli House: Will history repeat itself?

April 6, 2017 deur Anita Erasmus

  Yesterday, City Press reported in an article that the ANC’s military veterans wing in KwaZulu-Natal was to deploy 600 “combat ready” former guerrillas to “defend” the governing party’s Luthuli House against the “enemy” marching to demand President Jacob Zuma’s … Continue reading

Don’t be cowed by the race fanatics

March 29, 2017 deur Natasha Venter

The ANC has masterfully succeeded in elevating its own ideological premises, terminology and version of history to sacred cows that one questions at one’s peril. Should you become involved in a critical discussion, even in the most nuanced way possible, … Continue reading