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AfriForum Youth: UP’s racist slip is showing

August 8, 2018 deur Natasha Venter

AfriForum Youth condemns the ruling by the Student Culture Committee of the University of Pretoria (UP) that bars Sonop men’s hostel from participating in the a capella singing competition known as Sêr simply because Sonop did not make the UP’s transformation targets. 

Sonop participated under the name of a registered association, Blossoms Delight, after their affiliation with the UP was cancelled by the University in the beginning of 2018. Stuku found that the hostel did not adhere to the University’s transformation targets and was therefore no longer part of UP.

“It is clear that a registered association is now deprived of its right to participate in university events simply because it is too white according to the university and does not meet the UP’s definition of transformation. This is nothing less than discrimination based on race. Students should be considered equal – regardless of their race. Now they are excluded principally because of their race,” says Ohann Fourie, National Coordinator of Campus Structures at AfriForum Youth.

AfriForum Youth will assist Sonop Men’s Hostel in the process to be followed after Stuku’s decision.

“We cannot allow discrimination against students that is based on their race. How is it possible that your singing and participation in Sêr depend on your race?” asks Fourie.

Fourie also argues that this is a problematic issue that is increasingly rearing its head on campuses all over the country.

“More and more student organisations are barred from student life and student events because they do not adhere to national demographic transformation policies,” Fourie concludes.

AfriForum is investigating the matter further.