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April 10, 2019 deur Mareli Rall

Ernst Roets, Marina Wiese and Mariandra Heunis went to the USA this week as part of AfriForum’s awareness campaign for farm murders and land expropriation without compensation in South Africa. Mariandra represents the many farm attack and murder victims. The campaign is especially important considering President Cyril Ramaphosa’s recent denials of the reality of farm murders and land grabs during his USA tour. This tour will comprise a series of follow-up meetings after last year’s tour. AfriForum will meet with research and media institutions, politicians and other interested parties during their two-week-long awareness tour.  

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8 April

Our first appointment was with Anthony Shaffer and Eli Gold from London Center for Policy Research. During this discussion emphasis was placed on expropriation without compensation and farm murders in South Africa. Shaffer and Gold says that load-shedding in South Africa is completely outside Americans’ frame of reference. Similarities and differences especially between South Africa and the circumstances in Zimbabwe and Venezuela were also discussed.

John Hines from One America News Network also conducted a long interview with Ernst, which mainly dealt with farm murders.

9 April

Ernst takes part in nine radio interviews with various radio stations across the USA. We hope to spread the true situation in South Africa regarding expropriation without compensation and farm attacks to the general public in the USA.

Media statements: 

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AfriForum heads to USA for awareness on expropriation without compensation and farm murders