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Afriforum Election Observation Mission (EOM)

July 18, 2016 deur afriministrator

AfriForum hereby invites any concerned citezen in South Africa who is interested in participating in AfriForum’s Election Observer (Mission EOM) for the forthcoming Local Government Elections. If you are interested in observing these elections as part of Afriforum’s domestic Observer Mission, please ensure that you have filled in all of your details as per the fields below.
Entries close 27 July 2016.

  • Terms and conditions apply.

What is the purpose of an Election Observation Mission?

  • Promote free, fair and transparent elections
  • Detect or prevent electoral fraud Promote electoral peace
  • Build public confidence in the electoral process
  • Encourage citizen participation in the electoral process

What are the Goals of the Election Observation Mission? 

Observe the Voting and Counting Process

  • Observe conduct on the opening of the polls
  • Observe conduct during voting
  • Observe the Conduct of electoral officials during vote counting

 How will the Election Observer Mission be conducted?

  • Observers will observe the voting and counting process on the election day at voting stations
  • The basic aim of observing elections at the polling-station level is to assess whether voting and counting are implemented in a correct and orderly manner and in accordance with electoral regulations

Who should participate?

Afriforum is looking for South African citizens willing to commit to our Election Observer Mission and that will:

  • Observe the election impartially and independently from any registered party or candidate contesting the election
  • Remain non-partisan and neutral.
  • Be competent and professional when observing the election
  • Act in a strictly neutral and unbiased manner.

If you fit the above criteria, Afriforum would value your participation in our Election Observation Mission.