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AfriForum #DIY Project3 and 4: Potholes and sewage pipe repaired in Standerton

September 28, 2015 deur Esmarie Prinsloo

The AfriForum branch in Standerton today repaired 140 potholes in Beyers Naudé Street in Standerton, as well as a sewage pipe which has discharged raw sewage into the Vaal River for weeks.

This is Project 3 and 4 of the civil rights organisation’s 10 Days of Self-reliance which kicked off across South Africa today. Visit http://bit.ly/1LWDYII to read more about the other actions.

During the 10 days, 100 actions will be tackled with a specific focus on, amongst others, the repair of potholes, the cleaning of rubbish dumps, cemeteries and streets, the repair of street lights as well as the treatment and clean-up of polluted rivers.

Hillel Coetzer, Chairperson of the AfriForum Standerton branch, said:

“The inability of the Lekwa Local Municipality to deliver services to the residents of Standerton is criminal. AfriForum wants to give hope for the community.”

Coetzer says the expense of both projects is R45 000.00. The funds will be recovered from the Municipality.

Hein Gonzales, Provincial Coordinator for AfriForum in Mpumalanga says the actions are necessary as local governments fail in their constitutional duties.

“Communities have no alternative but to bring about change in their towns themselves.”

“We have to do away with government dependency and rather become self-reliant.”

The 10 Days of Self-reliance was tackled in the lead-up to Saturday, 10 October 2015 when the Solidarity Movement will hold its Conference for the Future in Pretoria. During this conference, wide-ranging plans will be unveiled to realise the resolutions of the Crisis Conference on 5 May 2015 and to ensure that Afrikaners will have a future in which they will be free, safe and prosperous.