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AfriForum declares dispute with MTN

March 19, 2019 deur Admin

MTN withdrew its sponsorship of an Afrikaans music festival because it is worried that it may be perceived as racist. At the same time, MTN does not think twice about sponsoring the ANC and EFF’s political gatherings. The ANC aims to expropriate people’s properties without compensation, while the EFF incite crimes against people based on their skin colour. Both parties are guilty of hate speech against minorities.

As it were, MTN acknowledges with this step that it approves of the ANC and EFF’s racism. Strengthen AfriForum’s campaign against MTN’s double standards by adding your name to the dispute.

Declare your dispute with MTN by completing this form and emailing it directly to MTN.

I hereby declare with AfriForum my dispute with MTN after it withdrew its sponsorship of the Afrikaans music festival.

*Your contact details will be treated confidentially.  

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