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AfriForum Community safety analysis

August 12, 2013 deur afriministrator

Communities are under increasing pressure because the State is unable to honour its commitments to the country. The results of this underperformance are, inter alia, poor service delivery and unsafe neighbourhoods. AfriForum has therefore decided to organise communities on grassroots level, in addition to its national actions, while remaining independent from party politics.

The purpose of this analysis is twofold. One is for families and communities to take stock of their safety levels, and to holistically look at what actions are required to address security concerns and shortfalls. Various factors will be taken into account, and citizens are asked to critically analyse their current security in their neighbourhood and/or town. Once the analysis has been completed, and returned to the AfriForum Community Safety Department, a report and recommendations will be offered to the involved communities to initiate or develop structures to enhance the overall security level within that community. The strategy employed will vary from town to town, and from community to community. AfriForum wishes to take hands with communities, and promote healthy safety structures.

Secondly, the questions in Analysis 1 are aimed at determining the efficiency of your local police station. The results will be compiled into a report, and used to give the police constructive feedback as to the public’s perception of their service levels. This will be done by means of a certificate that will be handed to the station commissioner of the concerned police stations.

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