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About AfriForum

AfriForum is a non-governmental organisation, registered as a non-profit company, with the aim of protecting the rights of minorities. While the organisation functions on the internationally recognised principle of the protection of minorities, AfriForum has a specific focus on the rights of Afrikaners as a community living on the southern tip of the continent. Membership is, however, not exclusive, and any person who can associate him or herself with the contents of the Civil Rights Manifest of the organisation, may join.

The vision of AfriForum is:

that Afrikaners – who have no other home – are able to lead a meaningful and sustainable existence, in peace with other communities, here on the southernmost tip of Africa.

AfriForum has the following mission:

AfriForum works to ensure that the basic prerequisites for the existence of Afrikaners are met, by acting as a credible Afrikaner interest organisation and civil rights watchdog – as part of the Solidarity Movement – outside the workplace on national and local level to handle the impact of the current political realities facing Afrikaners, and to influence those realities, while working simultaneously to establish sustainable structures through which Afrikaners are able to ensure their own future.

Since AfriForum is a non-profit organisation with great emphasis on its independence, the organisation receives no financing from the South African Government. Income is derived from members who are asked to contribute a monthly members’ fee of their own choice.

AfriForum can only be as strong as its members will make it. Join AfriForum today and become a part of the solution!