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Share your story: Health report

April 10, 2019 deur Admin

Despite Treasury’s allocation of R717 billion for health services for the 2019/2020 financial year and ample allocations for previous years, there are still many people who suffer under poor healthcare.

Citizenry can experience poor healthcare in various manners, including due to incompetent or unwilling staff, inadequate facilities, long queues, corruption, theft, medical negligence and a shortage of medicine and medical equipment.

AfriForum receives numerous complaints about hospitals and is therefore busy compiling a report on the state of hospitals and clinics to focus local and international attention on this issue. The report will be submitted to the Minister of Health to show him the suffering that some people have to endure when they need medical care the most. AfriForum will also submit the report to the World Health Organisation to inform the international community about the state of South African healthcare. In certain cases AfriForum will also make suggestions for improvement and hopes that this report will exercise sufficient pressure on the Department to get its house in order.

We want to hear your story. If you, or someone you know of, have suffered at any hospital or experienced the horrible state of a hospital, share it with us. Should you be willing to make your information known, AfriForum can record your story in our report.

Your story can help to shed light on the state of healthcare in South Africa, so that it can hopefully be improved.