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Land Claim

February 21, 2019 deur Admin

There is a land claim on large parts of Centurion that comprise about 4 000 hectares and affects a great number of people. AfriForum has already given formal notice to the Land Claims Commission that the organisation will oppose the claim.

Give AfriForum your mandate and sign our form and email it to land@afriforum.co.za.

AfriForum’s action plan

AfriForum’s memorandum
Refer your neighbour, friends and family
Support AfriForum and contribute towards the legal costs

To find out if you are directly affected by this land claim, please fill in your details here. We will look up your property on the maps supplied by the Land Claim Commission and confirm via an email whether you are affected or not.

Please note that this information will only be made available to the owner and/or duly authorised agent of the owner. To be affected by the current claim, the property needs to fall within the following areas:

The Reeds